Lower Back Pain Relief Guide Endorsed by By Murray Hill Chiropractors

Lower back pain is a muscular condition common among athletes, sprinters, and people who work for hours on a desk. Patients with cases of lower back pain usually experience discomfort and soreness of the hips, tight hip flexor, pelvic pain or instability, tightness of the buttocks and knee pain (in extreme cases)

While the cause of lower back pain may vary, it is usually because of the changes in the lower back or lumbar structure due to damages done to some musculoskeletal tissues, especially in the glute region. Glute muscles which help support essential functions like, hip rotation, running, walking, going down the stairs when strained might cause tightness in the glute itself or other parts of your lower back region.

A minor lower back injury can relieve itself within a few days or weeks. Regular stretching and strategic physical exercises can help reduce the pain and prevent it from returning. However, for chronic cases that persist for longer, here are a few relief exercises by Athlean X endorsed by Dr. Scotto and Dr. Shapiro in Murray Hill, New York. This exercise should ease out your lower back pain out and get you back on your feet quickly.

The Thumbdown Technique

Summary: The Thumb down technique is an exciting process that, when repeated about ten times, can cause relief to the trigger point and burn down the muscle spasms at the lower back region.

Step One:

Lie on your side and place your right thumb (with some amount of pressure) on the affected spot.

Step Two:

Raise your right leg slightly above your head with your thumb still on the spot.

Step Three:

Bring your leg forward in front of your body until your knee touches the ground.

Step Four:

Bring your leg extendedly backward with your toes facing downwards. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times on both sides.

For more information and exercises here’s the video by Athleanx: